• 2015 NCAA Finalist
  • 2X NCAA All-American
  • EIWA Champion
  • PIAA State Champion
  • 3X Fargo All-American
  • NHSCA National Champ


  • NCAA All-American
  • ACC Champion
  • University Nationals All-American
  • 2X National Prep Champ
  • Fargo Junior National Runner-up
  • 5X Prep State Champ & Prep All-American


  • 3X NCAA Qualifier
  • National Prep Champion
  • 4X National Prep Finalist
  • 2X Fargo All-American
  • Owner of Hybrid Strength & Fitness

We’re in fat city now…

When Team Foxcatcher split in the early 90’s to focus on the training and development of our Senior-level World and Olympic team members, Team Renegade was born. Guided by legendary coaches Dale Bonsall, affectionately known as Bonz, and National Wrestling Hall of Fame coach Bruce Kennett, Team Renegade became theoriginal elite, invite-only wrestling club in Southeast Pennsylvania. The kids that were fortunate enough to be a part of Team Renegade will tell you that it was more than just a club; it was a life-changing experience. Kids drove from parts of PA, NJ, MD, and DE and literally lined up out the door for the opportunity to train with Team Renegade. If you grew up in Southeast PA in the 90’s, you understand the power and significance of the Renegade singlet; it was oftentimes feared and always respected.  To those who donned that logo, the expectations were high, but we laid it all on the line each week desiring nothing more than praise from the Bonz Man — there was no greater reward in the world.  The truth is that there are no words that can describe what it meant to be a part of Team Renegade. Only those who entered that room and stood toe-to-toe with one another understand what it means to be a Renegade brat.  So we say thank you and tip our hats to Bonz and Bruce for all that they have done and for the lives they shaped.  They changed the coach-athlete dynamic to a teacher-student philosophy and that is our mission moving forward.


Join Team Renegade

A lot of people can teach wrestling skills.  Team Renegade is more than just coaching; we believe in using wrestling as the framework to build a successful life and career.  Our desire is to make Team Renegade a life-changing experience, so if you want to join a club that will change more than just your wrestling skills, you have come to the right place!

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